Mechatronics Engineer - What Does He Do?


As a mechatronics engineer, you are constantly experimenting to ensure, among other things, that new products and devices are created in an efficient manner. Mechatronics as an interdisciplinary science combines several engineering methods to optimize machines production processes. Mechatronics consists of:  

  • Mechanics, 
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science

Mechatronics engineers are dealing with the interaction between mechanical and electronic components in machines, plants and/or systems.

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What Does a Mechatronics Engineer Do?

Electronically operated production lines, SLR cameras, coffee machines, X-ray machines, subways and Segways,  are just a few examples to the kind of devices, systems and technical infrastructures that mechatronic engineers design, conceive and produce. Electro mechanical technology engineers work closely on the product development process, from planning the product-specific details and materials to creating complex overall systems, combining methods from mechanical and electrical engineering processes, computer science and automation technology.

Mechatronics Engineer Responsibilities

A mechatronics engineer, depending on the workplace and title, can perform the following duties:

  • Ensuring functionality of mechatronic equipment;
  • Carrying out machinery diagnostics, repairs and adjustments.
  • Supervision of the operation of mechanisms.
  • Programming.
  • Repairs
  • New systems development
  • Research
  • Writing and publishing scientific articles.
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What Qualities Should a Professional Mechatronics Engineer Have?

In addition to confident and deep knowledge in mechatronics, the engineer must have such qualities such as:

  • developed imagination
  • analyzing abilities
  • logical thinking.
  •  Communication skills – In addition to these qualities, a professional mechatronics engineer will need to have the ability to work as a team member.
  • A sense of responsibility –  Since mechatronics engineers perform a rather complicated job on the safety and performance of automated systems, which can affect people’s life or health.
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