Trends in Mechanical Engineering

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Trends in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is very complex and dynamic. The digitization processes and the increasing integration of software in the same machines have totally changed the way in which industrial machinery is designed, developed, manufactured and implemented. To help you in this process, we have created this blog post of the most important trends in mechanical engineering that will drive change.


Mechanical Engineering Design Trends

If you are a manufacturer in the mechanical engineering market , you must already know about the important changes that the industry has undergone in recent years. In this post, we will discover the key trends manufacturers are facing today and what to do about them in order to avoid the risk of being left behind and to turn them into a competitive advantage.

Digitization and the increasing integration of advanced mechanical design software allow machines to be customized in ways we have never imagined. The massive appearance of communication tools and channels have fostered new forms of collaboration in a complex and dynamic environment. At this time, it is essential to be informed of trends and developments in this area.

What are the Trends in Mechanical Engineering ?

Among the current trends in mechanical engineering are:


Alternative Energies (Solar, Wind, Etc.)

Systems Automation

Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence

Development of Composites


Nanotechnology is one of the main trends for mechanical engineering in 2022, mainly because of its wide application in industry. With nanotechnology, scientists and engineers are able to develop materials that are even more useful.

These materials can later be used for improvement and creation of parts, tools and even machines. With nanotechnology, it is possible to make these creations more resistant and efficient.

Alternative Energies

Alternative energies are also being highly sought after by mechanical engineers. The growing need for ways to generate energy sustainably has become increasingly present in the engineering field.

The role of the mechanical engineer is essential for the development of new sources of renewable energy, as well as for the maintenance of these systems. Some of the main alternative energies that can serve as a focus for mechanical engineers are: Wind and Hydrogen power

Systems Automation

Another big trend in mechanical engineering is systems automation. Reducing human work in repetitive tasks generates a great increase in productivity and profitability of industries.

To develop autonomous systems, the role of a mechanical engineer is essential, especially in producing intelligent systems.

mechanical engineering Illustration sketching papres, glasses and other engineering tools

Internet of Things

With the growing interest in the area of smart housing, the internet of things (IoT) is one of the sectors that stand out in mechanical engineering. In a smart home, for example, all domestic equipment is connected to the internet in order to facilitate use. With this need to develop increasingly intelligent machines, the role of mechanical engineers is absolutely necessary.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is certainly one of the biggest trends in mechanical engineering. With the growing challenges for the creation of autonomous cars, and other vehicles without drivers, such as drones, the role of the mechanical engineer is very present.

The ability to develop error-proof artificial intelligence is one of the great challenges of modern engineering and of great relevance to the industry.

The use of artificial intelligence in the various branches of industry allows processes to be carried out more efficiently and autonomously. One of the great uses of artificial intelligence that we see every day is in virtual assistance. With the ability to solve small problems, artificial intelligence is one of the pillars for the development of technology.

Composites Development

Composites are materials that are blended together to create an even stronger, higher quality material. The performance of a mechanical engineer is necessary both for the development of these materials and for putting them to practical use. In order to further improve the quality of existing materials, great examples of composites are golf clubs, aircraft fuselage and skateboards.

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