Product Design In 7 Steps

Product Design

Product design is the process of developing and creating iterative product design . We design all sorts of products, including daily necessities, home appliances, furniture, and transportation such as buses or airplanes.

Product & Industrial Design

Industrial design is a term that is often compared with product design. While industrial design often refers to the design of industrial products, product design refers to the process design of all products. Both are the same in terms of designing tools in order to help people live better lives.

7 Steps of Product Design

We have talked about product design in general, but what is product design in practice?

Product Concept & Target Audience

First, there is a need to create a product concept and to think about the target audience (users and usage environment). Since the way of thinking and designing a tool will differ greatly depending on who uses it and in what kind of environment, start by determining the guidelines. 

Determining the concept by assuming the user and usage environment is critical in order to produce high-quality products.


investigate who uses the product and how they want to use it. Based on this research, product ideas and concepts can be drafted quickly.

Rough Sketch

Based on the new researched ideas, rough sketches can be created. The development, engineers, and design staff get together to discuss and narrow down design product proposals, in order to get closer to the final design.

Model Making (Prototyping)

Based on the rough sketch we can create an elementary model of the product in order to audit the quality and usability. Prototyping Is an important step to find any errors in the design or production phase.

Product Design In 7 Steps article


Incorporate many opinions and requests at the rough sketch and model stages and make corrections as needed. Here minor or major corrections will be made if necessary. Create a prototype that embodies the product concept and target audience and move on to manufacturing for mass production.

Create Blueprint

Once the design has been decided after confirming the model, designers will create a blueprint for mass production. Based on this blueprint, the final model is being created, confirming that there are no problems with the design or functionality, and finally production can start.


Based on the blueprint, the actual design is produced as the final product. Many of the product parts are produced by machines, so there are cases where molds and special manufacturing machines are made for that purpose.

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