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Why HDE ?

HD Engineering & Development is an Electro-Mechanical Engineering firm, founded in 2003 and situated in Northen Israel.

HD Engineering & Development designs, develops, consults and accompanies a wide range of projects in the mechanical, electro-mechanical, medical, communication, military and electronic systems fields

Medical Products
Communication Products
Paramedical Projects
Medical Packaging
Our Vision

HD Engineering & Development envision a full solution to all our clients and partners. Taking Care of the design, manufacturing logistics and assembly, as well as performing all tests required in cooperation with our customers.

Why HDE ?

Committed to quality, reliability and safety, HD Engineering & Development has implemented an integrated quality management system based on industry leading methods and standards. The firm is certified to ISO9001:2008.

This commitment expresses itself throughout our processes: from managerial procedures, through development and operating practices, to testing and monitoring of output. HD Engineering & Development provides guidance and supports for its subcontractors and manufactures applying well-known methods and standards, which often surpass it’s customer requirements.

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