Mechanical Engineering Product Design

Mechanical Engineering Product Design

There are many ways to make mechanical engineered product designs. From small parts design to the huge factory equipment. From custom-made product designs to mass-produced. However, all the required knowledge is basically the same. Let’s talk about that in this article.

First of all, it will be wise to talk about the “Four Major Mechanics of Mechanical Engineering“.

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Mechanical Engineering Four Major Mechanics

  • Strength of Materials
  • Mechanical dynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics

Strength of materials and Mechanical dynamics are the knowledge for making unbreakable machines and products. For moving machines, knowledge of mechanical mechanics is essential.

Fluid mechanics is the knowledge necessary for designing products that transfer fluids such as water, gas, air,  and more. Thermodynamics Products such as automobile manifolds, turbines, and valves. Thermodynamics is the knowledge necessary for designing products that generate heat such as engines.

In addition to the above four major mechanics, Drafting & Machine Elements are also necessary knowledge in order to practice in mechanical engineering product design.

What is Drafting in Mechanical Engineering?

Drafting is a design specification drawing. Since it is seen by various people involved in design, it is necessary to remember certain drawing standards need to be followed so that anyone could read it.

What are Machine Elements?

A machine is a collection of Machine Elements. Machine elements refer to standard parts such as shafts, bearings, bolts, and gears that meet all regulations standards, and all parts that make up a machine. These machine element parts are used in various products.

Process & Material

There are various processing methods such as cutting and molding. Each has its own characteristics, so you need to know what kind of processing method is available. Also, the materials you will use are very important to meet the product specification. In case of mass production, it is necessary to select materials that can be procured in a stable manner.

Each material has its own characteristics, and recently many light and durable materials have come onto the market. In order to make machines and products that can fully demonstrate their performance, it is necessary to know the materials used properties, even if you are not at expert level.

To learn the mechanical properties of materials, learn about metallic materials and plastics. Mass produced products such as home appliances and automobiles are produced at factories. The designed product must be able to be produced stably.  Assembly and production knowledge is also required here.

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Assembly & Production

There are usually in-house specialists in processing and production, so be sure to acquire a level of knowledge that allows you to talk with them. Furthermore, in recent years, IT-based design is rapidly advancing. Designs  that utilize tools such as CAD can create drawings on a personal computer. 

And last but not least, 

communication is key for designers as well as knowledge.


The quality of the design relies on communication.

Designing is not limited to yourself, but it is absolutely necessary to collaborate with related departments and cooperating manufacturers. In the case of technologies that we do not own, we may manufacture products in collaboration with other companies. 

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