Electro Mechanical Technology


Electro mechanical technology (Mechatronics) is a term that may seem taken from science fiction movies. In this blog post we will talk about what is mechatronics? Who uses it? and what are the it’s benefits? 

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What is Electro Mechanical Technology?

Mechatronics is an engineering multidisciplinary methodology that combines mechanics, electronics, computer science and control engineering. The combination of these different disciplines makes it possible to think about developing a product from different perspectives of the product design, recycling and maintenance.

Mechatronics - What its Purpose?

Electromechanical technology is not a new discipline or technology, but integrating developing and manufacturing processes with the mission of improving the product functionality.

Electro Mechanical Technology Parts

Mechatronics Benefits

Machines can now self-diagnose and alert the operator in the event of a malfunction. This capability allows the mechanical engineers to optimize their product design and manufacture process by monitoring it in real time and intervening when needed. It is possible to carry out a prognostic analysis and preventive maintenance in the installation, reinforcing equipment reliability and, therefore, its performance.

Electro Mechanical Technology Applications

In the same way that Mechatronics combines different disciplines, we can say that it has many applications in the market. In fact, electromechanical Technology aims to be that discipline in which manufactured products are taking into account all engineering disciplines.  

Electro Mechanical Technology is not a new concept. Its main objective is to cover certain needs such as:

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In what Industries Mechatronics is Used?

Automation Industry

Flexible Manufacturing Industry

Those that automatically manufacture electrical systems or components. Therefore, Mechatronics can be applied to many fields, from medicine to mining, through the pharmaceutical, mechanical , automobile industry, textiles, communications, food, commerce, and many more.

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